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healthy options ~ paula pursley: Changing brands could change your life!
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Looking for Health? Freedom? Or Both!

When it comes down to it, Shaklee really has only two products – health and freedom. It’s hard to decide which one I love talking about more!

Shaklee has been part of my family’s life since 2001. I became an Independent Distributor for the non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning and laundry products for us and my customers. As I learned more about the history and integrity of the company plus the purity, potency, and proof of the nutrition line, I knew I had found the right products. When a product is this good, you can't help but share it with everyone you know. And that makes Shaklee products the perfect foundation for an amazing income opportunity. As I learned about the generous compensation plan, training and support, I knew I had found the right business!

One of our great Shaklee innovations is Vivix™ Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic dietary supplement. My husband who had Parkinson’s Disease started taking it when first announced in August 2008 – and I love to share his story, just ask.

Beginning a home-based business in Shaklee is the smartest move I ever made. I now have the ability to control my own destiny, determine priorities, set goals and achieve them, advance and increase our own income based on what's important to my family – and no more corporate glass ceiling. Plus everything I do to achieve my own goals helps someone else achieve theirs. I do well, by doing good. It's the most satisfying approach to earning an income I've ever known.

But I didn't come to this conclusion and make a decision without a few questions. I expect you probably have some too.

I welcome the chance to talk with you about your situation, find out what you're looking for - health, freedom, or both - and see if this is right for you. So click on "Contact Me" above and let me know how I can help!